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Kraft Paper Bags

They are made from a sturdy and durable material called kraft paper, which is produced from wood pulp. Kraft paper bags are known for their strength and can be used for carrying groceries, clothing and other items.

White Kraft Paper Bag

White Paper Bags

They have a clean and elegant appearance, making them suitable for packaging gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, and other high-end products. White paper bags can be customized with logos or designs to enhance brand visibility.

Custom Shopping Bags

Laminated Paper Bags

Laminated paper bags are coated with a thin layer of plastic or another material to provide additional strength and water resistance. The lamination helps protect the contents of the bag from moisture and protect from environment.

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Are you a food outlet, major retailer, or small business owner searching for a reliable Manchester paper bags provider? Look no further! We’re renowned for our wide range of paper bags, from brown paper bags to customised designs, all crafted with impeccable quality. Our versatile line includes everything from small paper bags to large, robust options suitable for a variety of uses.

We’re the leading brown paper bags wholesale supplier near Manchester. Our good quality paper bags are sturdy, reliable, and created with care, making them the perfect choice for your business. And with our special offers, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.

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Paper Bags Dimensions
Paper Bags Dimensions

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With a vast range of services including flyer, poster, business card and more, we are your one stop shop for all your printing needs in Manchester, UK.

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